About Us

The myHummingbird story is much like a lot of others we have discovered. Our journey with medical cannabis is very similar to that of our members.

Over five years ago one of our partners was experiencing major pain running through her arm and although she’d visited numerous doctors, no one was able to help her alleviate the pain. Finally a good friend had suggested she try medical cannabis as he had, and stated how much it was helping him and all she would need is her card. Now however, this information presented our first obstacle; where do we go get this “card”? We had to find a doctor who supported the healing properties of medical cannabis so we searched all over the internet, finally found a doctor and made the appointment. The process was fairly simple and we emerged from her visit with a medical cannabis recommendation card. This lead us right into our next obstacle, what do we do now? Our friend said we’d need to find a dispensary so back to searching the internet we went. A large portion of dispensaries we came across were not located in the best or safest areas but we chose one and went. Once inside we were flooded with choices, it was a complete sensory overload! Flower or wax, edibles & gel caps then strains of indica’s, sativa or hybrids. There were so many choices but not much help at all. With this experience being as overwhelming as it was, we decided there needed to be a better way and now there is… The myHummingbird way!

From the very beginning we knew our goal was to be able to offer the members of our collective a professional, safe and knowledgeable experience. In order to do this we set out to learn as much about the cannabis industry that we possibly could. We decided to educate ourselves and with that enrolled into Oaksterdam University in Oakland California. There at Oaksterdam we became fully educated in terms of the law regarding medicinal cannabis. We learned to grow and studied the various differences between strains and the beneficial effects unique to each of them. As we continued to educate ourselves, we discovered that our not so pleasant experience at the dispensary seemed to be a very common occurrence for people trying to find quality high grade cannabis in a professional, comfortable setting. Thus we thought, there needs to be a better safer way to medicate in a quick and convenient settingand where could be more safe and convenient than your own home?! And so, myHummingbird.org was born.

We sat with our computer engineers and shared our frustrations. We wanted our members to have a quick and efficient way to find the right medical cannabis for them and their individual needs. We have designed a site that is easy to navigate from start to finish, virtually eliminating the guesswork. We made it as easy as possible for you to get started, you can simply enter your recommendation or find a doctor if you don’t already have one. I would like to mention that we are HIPAA compliant. We are also excited to introduce our new Strain Match Technology! You simply click on your symptoms and are recommended a strain best suited to your needs. Finally, YOU chose your delivery window in which one of our clean and professional drivers will deliver your meds straight to your door!

Welcome & Enjoy