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O.PenVape (Sativa) Sour Diesel


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East Coast Sour Diesel is crossed with Mexican/Afghani Diesel to produce the Sour Diesel marijuana strain. It emits strong scents of vanilla, lemon and cream and displays heavily potent characteristics of stoniness. Its 90% Sativa concentration yields excellent high-end cerebral buzzes that are sure to expand your consciousness every time you toke up. Excellent in the early morning, Sour Diesel gives you a bright, energetic, and quite possibly talkative wake-n-bake experience; mixed with just enough Indica calming to make you chill and thoughtful.To understand the smell and taste of Sour Diesel medicinal marijuana, think about an empty 55-gallon drum of diesel fuel filled with halved, squeezed tangy lemons. The scent is powerful; almost overwhelming, yet somehow magnetic. It calls you closer to experience the delights it so effectively delivers.