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Blackberry Kush


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Blackberry Kush is an exotic and flavorful medicinal strain that, if grown correctly, provides quite an intense effect. The strain is widely known to patients as having high levels of active ingredients and instant stimulation. It provides a deep and lasting medicinal state that has the ability to ease pain, stimulate appetite, and enhance restfulness. It can have quite a heavy effect, so it is not recommended for a patient that has a lot to accomplish or one who needs to interact in a high-functioning setting. The strain is a high Indica percentage hybrid with just a hint of Sativa effects - excellent for patients in need of a soothing and relaxing experience while still maintaining some mental activity. The long lasting effects make it a valuable medicine, as a little can go a long way. Patients enjoy the rich, dark coloring of the flowers, the sweet aroma, and crisp taste. It is great therapy for deep pain afflictions, nausea, sleeping disorders, and gastrointestinal problems.